Our Chef’s specialities


A classic of Italian cuisine

High and soft, low and crunchy, classic or gourmet, with or without stuffed edges, pizza in Italy is a real institution and a symbol of the country all over the world. It’s the Saturday or Sunday evening dish, during a party with friends, to celebrate birthdays… in short, pizza accompanies the Italian from birth and throughout his life!


The perfect assortment

The term «Antipasti» means «before pasta» and has been at the heart of Italian gastronomy since antiquity. Antipasti is served before pasta, or the main course, too, they serve as appetizers, or appetizers with different flavors.

Pesce & Carne

Secondi piatti

Meat and fish dishes. In general they are served very simply (without sauces and little accompaniment), but you can accompany them with contorni , which are usually vegetables or potatoes.


The Italian Culinary Tradition

Much more than a simple dish, they are a symbol and represent an incredible diversity, whether it be its forms, its accompaniments or its texture. A must-have food product, it is eaten every season and according to everyone’s desires.


Stay hydrate whatever the season

A coffee, a cocktail or even a digestive, share a convivial moment with a drink. All to satisfy you. Sometimes scented, sometimes colorful, alcoholic or not each beverage will moisturize you with pleasure.


The best way to finish a meal

A creme brulee, a mellow or even a tiramisu, enjoy a moment of pure gourmandise around a dessert. The goal is to delight you. Sometimes flavoured, sometimes bright with colour, with or without sugar, each sweetness is designed to offer you a delectable taste experience.