Our Chef’s specialities

Our menu

A classic of Italian cuisine

Discover our complete menu and let yourself be carried away by an authentic Italian culinary experience. Our chefs have carefully crafted an exquisite selection of dishes, highlighting the rich and varied flavors of Italian cuisine. Enjoy our pizzas, prepared with a thin and crispy dough and garnished with fresh ingredients..


The best way to finish a meal

A creme brulee, a mellow or even a tiramisu, enjoy a moment of pure gourmandise around a dessert. The goal is to delight you. Sometimes flavoured, sometimes bright with colour, with or without sugar, each sweetness is designed to offer you a delectable taste experience.


Stay hydrate whatever the season

A coffee, a cocktail or even a digestive, share a convivial moment with a drink. All to satisfy you. Sometimes scented, sometimes colorful, alcoholic or not each beverage will moisturize you with pleasure.